Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well well, it's been a long time since I wrote in this blog.
This time, I think I want to write something about dreams. Why? Because lately,I just think about it every time, every day.
I see all of my friends are pursuing their dreams. Some of them are still trying to get it, while the others has already get and grabbed it.
One of my friends told all his friends that he wanted to be a civil engineer, not just geotechnical or some other specialist in civil engineering. And on august, he got that dream. He got project to be done. All of civil jobs have he done until now, and he seems so excited when he did those jobs (though I now that he also stressed, haha). I was happy when he's happy, but also I envied him (ups, bad!). He knew what he wanted and he has get it. While he did those things, what about me?
Another friend of mine also got a dream and he already get it. For 2 months, he had lived in a country that maybe get to a war soon (or already?). Before he went there, he told me all of the cool things that he would do there. I was happy and excited when I heard that, but again, I envied him (aaarggh..). While he's doing his research there, what about me?
Again, another friend of mine have told all of her friends that she wanted to do something about transportation in Bandung. Seemed that she really wanted (and had to) to study about transportation system and management so it could be applied for transportation system in Bandung. As I know, she said that thing since she was at 4th grade, and know she get internship at a company that manage transportation systems and rules. Waow! What company is that? I was glad when I heard that, because she get what she really wanted. But, how about me?
Last, is my special friend (ups:P). Since 1st grade, she always said she really really wanted to go abroad while she's still student. To be precise, she wanted to take exchange program to another country. When I heard that, I didn't have any interest on that kind of thing. At 3rd grade, there's a chance for her to get exchange program. She really excited and worked through it. She fulfilled all the applications that were required. Though she prepared those things close to the deadline (very close!), she got excited when she's done that, and she hoped that she got accepted. A few months later, she got notification that she's accepted in that exchange program! Waow. The program was taking a year, so she was going to live abroad for a year. Now she's already came back and make me jealous with all her stories.
Those are my friend's cases in catching their dreams. Well, I got my own dreams, but I haven't get it. Still need a lot more work to do. There are a lot of opportunities in the future, better work harder now to get it all, if I don't wanna lament it.