Friday, December 30, 2011

2 new seasons

When I knew that I can live in another country, in this case in Korea, I said "Yay! I will feel another seasons that I can't feel in Indonesia". Well, in this year, Alhamdulillah I could feel autumn season, and also winter! ^_^

Autumn season in Korea is a little bit different with another country, it is colder. The temperature from summer to autumn here was just drop from around 25 to 20 to 15 degrees. Even my Korean friend said that there was no autumn season anymore, because the temperature was colder than it used to be. When winds was blowing at me, I was just shivering, especially when I was riding my bike. Wow. But even so, the trademark of autumn season was still there, the red color of maple leaf. It was beautiful. It felt good that I had chance to see that. Well, its not like that I saw a park with full of maple trees, but at least I could see some of it :)

just me in front of the tree

me and my wife

After autumn, it comes to winter season. "Yay! I can see snow, the beautiful white scene!". Okay, that's one thing. But before that, the first thing that I HAVE to feel is the cold weather. Its just not cold, its freeeeeezziiing. The temperature is craaazzzyyy (well, at least for me). In the beginning of the winter, I felt around 10 degrees temperature, and I started shaking. Even in the class, my hands felt cold. One of the professor said: "maybe you that comes from Indonesia feel this kind of weather for the first time, but it's just the beginning, it will get colder and colder, hahaha". Yeaaah right. Now the temperature is around 0 degree, and it still can be decreased. Usually it can be -11 degrees, maybe around January. So, if I want to take a walk, I have to wear at least 3 layers of clothes, including coat, also gloves, earmuff, and balaclava (kupluk?).

Okay, back to the snow. In the morning of Dec 24th, when I came out of my house I was shocked and unnerved. I saw a lot of snow!!! Wow!!! I called my wife and she also excited. We went out and took some pictures! ^^

undisturbed snow (???)

my wife and a snow car

main road near my apartment

another scene of snow car :D

near Gapcheon river

me next to the half-frozen river
(My friend said that in January the river usually freezes, so we can walk on top of it \^^/)

me and my wife :)

Alhamdulillah, its new amazing experiences for me. Next one is spring season. I wonder what happen in Korea when it's spring. Hopefully it will be great :D